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Kensington Products Stall Guard

Because my stalls are temporary (we’ll only be here a couple of years) & my ponies are well-behaved, I opted to use stall guards instead of stall doors. I shopped around trying to decide if I should splurge for a custom stall guard or just buy the traditional webbed guard. Eventually, a SmartPak coupon prompted me to order a custom Kensington stall guard in my eventing colors: Patriot Plaid.

Sometimes, photos can be deceptive, so I was worried about the quality, but I’ve had a Kensington fly sheet for a previous horse, so I knew their products are fairly durable. I was also worried that the colors wouldn’t be quite right–the white looked a little off-white in some of the stock photos. But, I was so pleasantly surprised when it arrived!

img_5947The personalization really just adds a pop & has a professional look to it. And the stitching is tight. The entire guard feels solid and strong. And, it comes with all the hardware you need–including double ended brass snaps!

The only downside would be that if your stall openings aren’t quite wide enough (I measured based off a traditional stall guard I had on hand), the Kensington Stall Guard isn’t quite adjustable enough & the top sags a little as you can see in the photo. But, I also had oversized eye bolts already in place, which add an extra inch on each side. Also, with only two point of attachment, a more curious pony might be tempted to explore the open space. But, again, this product is very sturdy, so I don’t see it coming down unless your horse sits on it.

Final outcome: I liked this one so much, I ordered a second one for Wynni’s stall! Order yours here: SmartPak Equine

Snaks 5th Avenchew Unicorn Treats

Ok, I have to admit. I’m not one to buy fancy-schmancy treats for the pony. I mean, after all, Chip is happy with a peppermint or a cheap TSC treat. But, my IG feed has been filled with adorable pics of these super cute treats, and after I won a sample pack of Snaks, I had to order the unicorns for my own personal unicorn.

Snaks 5th Avenchew Unicorn

First of all, I’m a sucker for quality product packaging and personal touches. Our Snaks came with some Halloween candy & a logo sticker. And a coupon for 10% off my next order–I LOVE perks like these.

Secondly, these treats are works of art. They’re exquisitely decorated down to the tiniest detail. They seem more like gourmet cookies you’d find in a local bakery than the horse treats you thought you ordered.

They smell ah-mazing. The minute I opened the package, my kitchen was filled with cinnamon-y goodness. In fact, these look so tempting, I had to try one. Bonus: they’re delicious!

Chip gave these treats 4 hooves up. Stored in an airtight container in a cool location, they supposed to last up to 6 months. Because Louisiana is a hot mess of humidity, even in winter, I keep mine sealed in the fridge & pull one out as needed.

Final outcome: You NEED these. These are not your everyday treat; use these to reward your horse at a show, or after a fabulous lesson. Order Snaks 5th Avenchew treats