Winter woes in Cajun land

Winter has finally arrived in Louisiana. In fact, we had a snow day yesterday. I think we got about 1/4″…and they closed schools. Of course, it was all melted by 9am.

That snow had me feeling grateful for my new stalls, though. Chip grew a full blown winter coat sometime around mid-October and was sweating his butt off (literally) just standing in the pasture. And riding in 80 degree temps with a winter coat…well, that just wasn’t working out, so he’s been body-clipped for a couple months now. Not to mention, we’ve finally got his feet in order, so it’s awesome to have stalls for the ponies every evening.

Blanketing is still an issue, though. Our temps can drop into the 30s at night and back up into the 70s during the day. Each morning I agonize over whether to let him freeze in the morning so he’s comfortable during the day, or be comfortable in the morning and sweat in the afternoon. I wish I could run home at lunch and adjust his blankets, but that’s not an option. Anybody else have this issue? Drop your suggestions below–I greatly appreciate it!

Anyway, check out the Product Reviews page–I recently ordered a Kensington stall guard from SmartPak for Chip’s stall. Spoiler alert: I loved it so much, I ordered one for Wynni’s! And, Chip also reviewed Snaks 5th Avenchew Unicorn treats.


  1. nadsnovik · December 9, 2017

    I have no idea if this is the “proper” way to do things. But, what I have done, is throw a lighter blanket on the AM when I feed. Then heavier after work. I’d rather them a little chilly (especially if they are eating) then sweaty… It’s a pain though, I totally hear ya!

  2. eventerinprogress · December 10, 2017

    Definitely better to allow them to be a little chillier in the morning and not sweating in the afternoon than the other way around!

    If you are concerned about warmth, don’t forget in the morning you can feed hay (or other fibre) which allows them to stay warm through heat generated internally through the digestion process.

    • idteventing · December 10, 2017

      Oh, I’d much prefer a little chillier in the morning versus sweating. But I’m talking 30 degree temps when I turn out in the morning, highs in the mid 60s-70s and then back down to the mid to low 40s by the time I get home from work! He’s fully clipped, so I hate to turn him out unblanketed, but even a no fill sheet will be too much when the midday temps hit their highs! I’ve been just leaving a sheet on anyway—they have shade—because I don’t want him getting warm and then getting chilled before I can get home.

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