#legsofsteelchallenge Day 15

Burpees. I have such a love-hate relationship with the burpee. Need more cardio in your life? The burpee will tell you. Your quads are weak? The burpee will let you know. Soft core? Oh yeah, burpee’s gonna tell you all about it.

I’ve included this plyometric exercise in the legs of steel challenge because it works. Plain and simple. Fifty burpees can be overwhelming if you’re fairly new to them. It’s much better to break them down into sets: 5 sets of 10, or 10 sets of 5. The most important point is that you keep correct form. So if you find yourself hitting muscle fatigue, modify these suckers. Walk your legs up to your hands instead of jumping up from the plank position. And stand up instead of thrusting upward.

We’re 2 weeks in to the legs of steel challenge. I hope by now you’ve started to push beyond your comfort zone. If not, I hope you’ll add to these exercises to help you achieve your goal. And if so, that’s awesome–keep up the good work!

Again, much thanks to our awesome sponsors: @eqstyletheory @rideheelsdown @shopthebraidedmane and @equinesnax

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