#legsofsteelchallenge Day 4

Are you starting to become aware of muscles you forgot existed? No? Amp up the workouts with more reps. Yes? Awesome! You’re wobbling around like a drunk turkey headed to the execution table? Whoa, scale it down there!

These workouts are designed to incrementally build muscles you need to keep your lower body stable and secure in the saddle–which, in turn, helps stabilize and secure your upper body. You can amp them up or scale them down to meet your fitness level.

Day 4 is 10 reverse or rear lunges (with or without the rear leg lift), 10 lunges, and 40 seconds of plank. You’ll work quads, glutes, hamstrings, and core.

In the saddle, aim for adding in some posting without stirrups, or if you’re not ready, continue with just focusing on keeping your legs in position sans stirrups at the walk.

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